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Yucaipa Unlawful Detainer Lawyer Barry O’Connor is dedicated to the exclusive representation of landlords who have tenant issues. The eviction law firm of Barry O’Connor & Associates provides assistance with evictions, delinquent tenants, tenant-bankruptcy problems, and related matters in Yucaipa, San Bernardino County, and all other communities of Southern California.

As an experienced Yucaipa eviction lawyer who has been successfully defending landlord rights for over 30 years, Mr. O’Connor has filed over 70,000 unlawful detainers in pursuit of justice for property owners. If you have questions about commercial or residential eviction, late rent, or post-foreclosure evictions, call our firm for a consultation. We will help determine an effective means of achieving your legal goals.

When landlords are faced with tenants that engage in illegal activity while occupying the property, our landlord rights law firm may have the solution. When tenants do not pay rent in a timely manner, do not abide by the terms of the lease, or if they disturb the neighborhood, our Yucaipa eviction attorneys can help with experienced legal advice.

California Landlord Lawyer & Unlawful Detainer Attorney

If issues with tenants become so problematic that legal action seems to be required, having knowledgeable legal counsel is imperative. California eviction regulations can be complex. There are unique situations that can occur, but certain steps must be taken in each and every case in order to protect the landlord’s rights. Such steps must happen in the legally mandated order, at the required time. Call our Yucaipa eviction law firm to learn more.

Mr. O’Connor understands many of the issues landlords face. He has been a property owner and landlord for nearly 40 years. As a skilled Yucaipa eviction lawyer, he diligently works to advance the rights of landlords. Mr. O’Connor and his associates are well qualified to handle residential and commercial eviction situations.

If you would like to discuss your specific landlord tenant issues with a knowledgeable eviction attorney, please call our eviction law firm. Yucaipa Attorney O’Connor knows how important rental and investment properties are to an individual’s financial well-being. Our law office works to resolve issues quickly and in an efficient manner. In this way we are able to protect the time and money of our clients. To find out how to begin the process  of eviction, call for a consultation.

Eviction Lawyer for Yucaipa, CA

Perhaps one of the most important elements of completing a lawful eviction is giving the proper notice to tenants. In California, the law stipulates exactly how much notice must be given for certain circumstances. This requires specific documents to be delivered at certain times.

Call our Yucaipa eviction lawyers for more information. We will explain what California eviction form is needed for your case. You will need to give the renters either a 60-day notice, 30-day notice, or a 15-day notice. In the event that the tenants ignore this warning and do not move out of the property, the landlord rights lawyers at our firm are able to take care of filing the proper unlawful detainer action. We work to resolve the situation as efficiently as possible.

When it becomes necessary to evict tenants, our firm can help. Yucaipa Eviction Attorney Barry Lee O’Connor is an experienced landlord lawyer, and he works to uphold client rights and gain a resolution promptly.

Call our Knowledgeable California Landlord Attorney

There are strict legal requirements that landlords must abide by when dealing with many types of tenant disputes. The omission of even one seemingly small detail could result in the entire case being dismissed. Even an incorrect date or figure may necessitate an entirely new eviction process. This can result in the problematic tenants having even more time in the property without bringing the rent current or abiding by the lease.

Call our skilled landlord rights attorneys at (951) 689-9644 or use our online form to contact us. Once our Yucaipa eviction law firm receives the information, we will contact you to set up a consultation.

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