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The San Jacinto Unlawful Detainer Lawyer from our law firm represents landlords only. Attorney Barry O’Connor offers the benefit of more than 30 years of experience spent helping property owners in San Jacinto and beyond with evictions, tenant bankruptcy, and related matters.

Attorney O’Connor is not just a San Jacinto eviction lawyer. He is also a landlord and has been one for the past 35 years. When you have an issue with a tenant, Attorney O’Connor understands. He has assisted landlords with more than 70,000 evictions. We can help with commercial evictions, residential unlawful detainers, and post-foreclosure evictions. To discuss the next action that should be taken in pursuit of your legal objectives, please contact us for an initial consultation.

When tenants commit illegal activities on your property, the lawyers at our eviction law firm can work to resolve the matter. Call our San Jacinto eviction attorney if one of your tenants is late in paying rent, is disturbing the peace, or is failing to follow the terms of their lease.

California Landlord Lawyer | Unlawful Detainer Attorney

If it seems that legal steps will be needed to resolve issues involving a problem tenant, our legal office can be relied upon. The state of California has exacting standards regarding evictions. The proper steps must be performed in the right sequence. To find reliable answers to questions about a commercial or residential eviction, contact San Jacinto Attorney O’Connor.

We understand how important your rental properties are and how problems can impact your bottom line. Our San Jacinto eviction lawyer zealously stands up for landlords’ rights and interests. If you need to start an eviction or have questions about another tenant issue, call to schedule an initial, private consultation at no charge.

Eviction Lawyer for San Jacinto, CA

Timely notification to the tenant is vitally important for a successful eviction. There are exacting legal requirements regarding how much notice is to be given in certain situations. Specific eviction forms have to be delivered to the tenant at the proper time.

For more information, call our San Jacinto eviction lawyer. We can help you identify the appropriate steps to take for your circumstances. This includes providing the right documents and informing you of the notice required. The law may call for a 90-day notice, a 30-day notice, or even a 15-day notice. When an unlawful detainer action is needed, the landlord rights lawyers at our eviction law firm office can handle the matter for you so you can remain focused on business.

Contact our San Jacinto eviction attorney. With years of personal and professional experience, Attorney O’Connor is highly qualified to resolve tenant disputes while protecting landlord rights.

Consult with a Trustworthy California Landlord Attorney

The laws governing many landlord tenant matters are strict. The omission of even a single small requirement can mean the whole process must start over. This would give an errant tenant more time at the property without becoming current on the rent or resolving lease violations.

Call (951) 689-9644 to reach the dependable landlord rights attorneys at our San Jacinto eviction law firm. Our contact form can be completed and submitted online. Once we receive your form, we will review it and reach out to you to make an appointment.


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