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As a Landlord Rights Attorney and Unlawful Detainer Lawyer serving clients in Riverside and throughout Southern California, Eviction Attorney Barry Lee O’Connor represents landlords in landlord-tenant matters.

With over 25 years of experience, Mr. O’Connor zealously protects clients’ rights in cases involving residential evictions, commercial eviction disputes, post-foreclosure eviction matters, and collection activities. Unlawful Detainer Attorney O’Connor provides skilled, responsive legal services for clients during the entire eviction process while helping clients navigate California’s complex eviction laws and deadlines.

Riverside Eviction Lawyer Barry Lee O’Connor offers a consultation for landlords who are looking for a swift and efficient resolution in landlord-tenant issues. Call (951) 689-9644 and arrange a meeting with our knowledgeable Landlord Rights Attorney.

Landlord Rights Lawyer in Riverside, California

At the Eviction Law Firm of Riverside Unlawful Detainer Lawyer Barry O’Connor, we have achieved success in more than 70,000 evictions. Mr. O’Connor and his skilled associates understand the importance of handling these matters quickly due to extensive experience and knowledge of the eviction process.

Contact Riverside Eviction Attorney O’Connor for assistance in many types of landlord-tenant disputes and eviction matters, including a breach of the rental contract, missed rent payments, tenant harassment of other tenants, or instances of a tenant allowing unlawful conduct at the rental property. Landlord Rights Lawyer O’Connor handles these issues immediately for clients.

Please discuss your situation with our skilled Unlawful Detainer Attorney if you are having difficulties with a tenant at your rental property. We invite you to schedule a consultation to discover the ways our Riverside Eviction Law Firm can effectively resolve your legal matters.

Post-Foreclosure Eviction Lawyer

If you’ve purchased a property in foreclosure, our experienced Riverside Eviction Attorneys at the Law Office of Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates help client landlords gain quick possession of the property. If there are renters on the foreclosed property who have a lease agreement that is valid, we can help you negotiate with those tenants and prepare the mandatory notices. We are skilled Eviction Lawyers who can start these eviction proceedings today.

The Residential Eviction and Commercial Eviction Process

Consult Riverside Eviction Attorney Barry O’Connor if you are starting the process of evicting a tenant. California eviction laws must be carefully followed, and Unlawful Detainer Attorney O’Connor can help you give the tenant the appropriate notices within the timeframe established by the state. Our Landlord Rights Attorneys assist with commercial and residential evictions by helping landlords exercise their rights. We help clients file proper documents and eviction forms.

After you’ve served the tenant with the appropriate legal notice, our Riverside Eviction Lawyers and Unlawful Detainer Attorneys may be able to file an unlawful detainer on your behalf.

Eviction involving Bankruptcy in Riverside

When a tenant files for bankruptcy in California, the eviction may be halted. As Landlord Rights Lawyers, if your tenant has filed for bankruptcy protection, we will zealously represent your primary interests in all bankruptcy hearings and proceedings while protecting your legal rights.

Collection Actions

As a skilled Riverside Eviction Attorney, Mr. O’Connor is a knowledgeable landlord rights attorney who provides legal protection for his clients’ interests in many landlord-tenant matters. With nearly three decades of landlord experience himself, Mr. O’Connor has an in-depth understanding of the kinds of issues a landlord may experience when dealing with tenants. Landlord Rights Lawyer Barry Lee O’Connor offers personalized legal services to landlords, and he assists each client in reaching the best outcome for the challenging issues they face.

Contact our Experienced Riverside Eviction Law Firm

Our Riverside Eviction Lawyers help clients navigate California eviction laws by providing critical unlawful detainer information. The requirements are strict and must be completed in a certain order if you want to successfully evict the tenant. Our Landlord Rights Attorneys assist clients throughout the entire process.

Call Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates at (951) 689-9644 to arrange for a meeting and discuss your situation with an experienced eviction attorney. We invite you to submit your information online with our Eviction Case Evaluation Form, and we will schedule the appointment.

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