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Palm Desert Eviction Lawyers from Barry Lee O’Connor and Associates assist landlords exclusively. For over 30 years, we have been defending landlord rights in Palm Desert and Riverside County as well as throughout Southern California. Whether you need help with a commercial eviction, tenant bankruptcy, collections, post-foreclosure eviction, or residential unlawful detainer, our eviction law firm can provide vital legal counsel.

Since 1988, our Palm Desert eviction law firm has handled more than 70,000 evictions. As a landlord for 35+ years, Mr. O’Connor has the needed experience in landlord tenant law to help clients resolve a variety of issues. Call our office to discuss your case and receive an initial consultation.

Is one of your tenants falling behind on rent? Palm Desert Attorney O’Connor may be able to help with collections. Skilled in eviction law for the State of California, Mr. O’Connor protects landlord interests while ensuring they remain in compliance with all relevant legal requirements.

Landlord Rights Lawyer Serving Palm Desert, California

At our law firm, we know that time is of the essence when dealing with evictions and unlawful detainers.We work to finish each case promptly and save our clients time and money.

Before an eviction, landlords should gain counsel from a skilled unlawful detainer attorney. We assist property owners in many types of cases. When a tenant fails to pay rent, breaks the lease, disturbs neighbors, or breaks the law on your property, our Palm Desert landlord rights attorneys may be able to resolve the matter for you.

Post-Foreclosure Evictions

If you are considering the purchase of a foreclosed property, please take advantage of our initial consultation. Whether you are dealing with residential or commercial property, our eviction attorneys can explain what steps must be taken to achieve a successful eviction. As knowledgeable Palm Desert eviction attorneys, we can advise on applicable deadlines and legal requirements.

Legal Counsel for Commercial & Residential Evictions
If a tenant fails to abide by the rental agreement, California law provides specific responsibilities and rights to the landlord. In every case, property owners are required to give notice to tenants before filing for eviction.

Our Palm Desert unlawful detainer lawyer is well experienced and counsels landlords exclusively. Guiding clients the whole way through the eviction, Lawyer O’Connor zealously protects client interests. Whether the case is short and simple or an affidavit becomes necessary, our firm helps landlords reach legal goals.

To begin an eviction, the proper eviction forms must be identified and filed.

Each form affords tenants different options. This could be paying all past due rent, vacating the property, or fixing any violations of the lease agreement. If a landlord has already provided notice to the tenant, our Palm Desert eviction law firm may be able to complete the unlawful detainer without delay.

Landlord Creditors and Tenant Bankruptcy in Palm Desert, CA

If a tenant has filed for bankruptcy and becomes delinquent on the rent, our Palm Desert landlord rights attorney may be able to assist. Our firm is often able to protect landlord rights during a tenant bankruptcy.


Palm Desert Landlord Rights Lawyer Barry Lee O’Connor and his associates help landlords with tenant collections. We represent property owners only, and we understand how to protect landlord rights in collection matters while ensuring full compliance with California law.

Experienced Palm Desert Eviction Lawyer | Consultation

At our Palm Desert eviction law firm, we assist landlords in a wide variety of landlord tenant cases. Please call our office to schedule an appointment for a consultation regarding an eviction or unlawful detainer matter. Our contact and case evaluation page may also be submitted for review. After we receive your form, we will contact you to make an appointment. With our more than 25 years of experience, our firm is well qualified to protect landlord rights and pursue unlawful detainers and evictions.

If you are travelling from Palm Desert City Hall to our eviction law firm, start out by driving west on Fred Waring Drive. Turn right at Monterey Avenue. Take the 10 West. Take the 60 West. Take the 91 West. Exit at Adams Street. Go right on Adams Street. Then continue to our office on the right at 3691 Adams St.

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