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Highland Unlawful Detainer Attorney Barry O’Connor exclusively represents landlords in landlord-tenant issues. Our eviction law firm handles evictions, tenant-bankruptcy complications, delinquent rent, and more in Highland, San Bernardino County, and across California.

Highland Eviction Attorney O’Connor has spent more than 30 years defending landlord rights. He has filed more than 70,000 unlawful detainers to protect client interests. If you are experiencing issues with matters such as post-foreclosure evictions, past-due rent, residential evictions, or commercial evictions, we may be able to help. To find out how the law office of Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates can help you attain legal goals, call our office and set up an appointment.

If renters engage in illegal activities while occupying your property, our legal team may have the right solution. If tenants are not paying rent on time, not following other terms of the lease, or if they are disturbing the peace of the neighborhood, call our Highland eviction lawyers for experienced legal guidance.

California Landlord Attorney & Unlawful Detainer Lawyer

When problems with tenants reach the point at which legal action seems necessary, it is imperative to have qualified legal counsel. There are some complex aspects of California’s eviction laws. Many situations are unique, but in every case, specific actions must be completed by the landlord. It is required that such steps be taken in the correct, legally accepted order.

As a longtime property owner and landlord, Unlawful Detainer Attorney O’Connor knows the many issues that can make eviction desirable. Our team of landlord rights lawyers work to protect client interests. We are experienced and well qualified to handle residential and
commercial evictions.

To gain answers to questions and discuss your own situation, call our Highland eviction law firm. We understand the importance of rental properties in an individual’s portfolio. Evictions and other related matters are taken care of quickly and efficiently in order to save
clients’ time and money. Call our office to learn more about how to start an eviction.

Eviction Attorney for Highland, CA

An essential aspect of a successful eviction is providing proper notice to the tenant. California law directs what type of advance notice tenants must be given. This means that specific documents must be delivered at specific times.

Our team of Highland eviction attorneys will help you procure the California eviction form necessary for your tenant issue. Before an unlawful detainer can be filed, a 15-day, 30-day, or possibly a 60-day notice is to be provided to the renters. If this notice is disregarded and the tenants continue to occupy the property, our landlord rights attorneys will handle filing the appropriate unlawful detainer action.

If you find it necessary to evict a tenant, call our firm. Highland Eviction Lawyer Barry Lee O’Connor has the experience and knowledge needed to resolve the matter in as little time as possible.

Contact a Skilled California Landlord Lawyer

In California, landlords must follow strict guidelines. A single erroneous detail may cause the whole case to be dismissed. This means that if a figure or a date is slightly incorrect, the landlord may need to restart the eviction process over again. In such cases, the tenants may have further time in which they are entitled to remain on the property.

To contact our reliable eviction lawyers, dial (951) 689-9644 or complete a case evaluation. We will process your information and get in touch to arrange a no-fee consultation.

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