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Eviction Lawyer and Landlord Rights Attorney Barry Lee O’Connor is devoted exclusively to the representation of landlords in the Chino and Southern California areas. With more than 25 years’ experience, Landlord Rights Lawyer O’Connor  aggressively fights to protect client rights as he helps landlords navigate the stringent California Eviction Law deadlines.

Chino Eviction Lawyer and Landlord Rights Attorney Barry O’Connor provides landlords with an initial consultation. Contact us at (951) 689-9644 to set up your appointment with an experienced eviction attorney. We offer skilled and responsive representation for the entire process of eviction.

The eviction law firm of Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates provides zealous representation to landlords dealing with residential evictions, collections, commercial evictions, and post-foreclosure evictions.

Chino Landlord Rights Lawyer

Chino Eviction Attorney Barry O’Connor has successfully handled over 70,000 cases of eviction for landlords, and his experience means he knows how important it is for evictions to be handled quickly. As a skilled landlord rights attorney, Mr. O’Connor has both the knowledge and experience it takes to evict tenants swiftly and efficiently.

Our Chino eviction law firm offers landlords experienced representation in the full array of landlord-tenant conflicts. Whether your tenant has violated their rental agreement, missed rental payments, disturbed other tenants, or allowed
unlawful activity at the property, the law office of Unlawful Detainer Attorney Barry Lee O’Connor will handle the issue immediately.

If you are a landlord and are experiencing difficulties with your tenant, please call our skilled Chino eviction attorneys to find out how quickly we can find an effective solution for you.

Post-Foreclosure Evictions

The evictions attorneys and landlord rights lawyers at Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates are devoted to helping landlords quickly gain possession of a property they have purchased through foreclosure for investment. If renters of a foreclosed property have a valid lease, any post-foreclosure evictions must include negotiations and dedicated notices to renters. Our Chino eviction lawyers are ready to start eviction proceedings for you, so give us a call today.

Commercial Evictions & Residential Evictions

According to California eviction law, landlords are required to give tenants appropriate prior notice before they file an unlawful detainer action. Unlawful detainer attorneys and eviction lawyers from the law office of Barry O’Connor & Associates assist both residential and commercial landlords in complying with the strict guidelines of the law and in filing the proper California Eviction Forms. 

Often, our Chino eviction attorneys and landlord rights lawyers can file the unlawful detainer action for you after the proper legal notice is served.

Eviction and Bankruptcy Court in Chino, California

If your tenant has filed for bankruptcy protection, our Chino landlord rights attorneys will vigorously represent your interests and protect your rights as a landlord in any bankruptcy court proceedings.


Eviction Lawyer Barry O’Connor is a landlord rights lawyer who provides legal protection of landlords’ interests in a range of landlord-tenant disputes. Mr. O’Connor has almost three decades’ experience as a landlord himself, giving him a detailed understanding of what problems landlords may experience with their tenants. Landlord Rights Attorney Barry O’Connor provides personalized landlord services and assists clients to reach the best possible outcome in the issues they are facing.

Call our Skilled Chino Eviction Lawyer

California eviction laws are very strict and carry requirements that have to be completed according to a specific order. Since these requirements must be met in order to successfully evict a tenant, you need a skilled unlawful detainer lawyer and landlord rights lawyer to guide you through the process.

If you are ready to Start the Process of Eviction, give Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates a call. Whether you have tenants who are in violation of their lease, you have purchased a foreclosed property and need to evict the occupants, or you are a landlord creditor in your tenant’s bankruptcy proceedings, our experienced Chino eviction lawyers and landlord rights attorneys will provide you with the aggressive legal representation you need.

Contact us at (951) 689-9644 to make your appointment for a consultation with a skilled eviction lawyer from our Chino eviction law firm. Or you may fill out our Case Evaluation Form, and after reviewing your information, we will contact you to schedule your appointment.

To find our office when driving from the Chino area, first go south on Central Avenue. Take the 71 freeway South. Merge onto the 91 freeway East. Exit at Adams Street/Auto Center Drive. Turn left onto Adams Street. We are at 3691 Adams Street, on the right.

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