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Cathedral City Eviction Lawyer Barry Lee O’Connor and his law office have been assisting landlords for more than two decades with matters involving commercial eviction, residential eviction, tenant bankruptcy, collections, and more. Our law firm helps clients find the right solution for their problems with tenants.

Call Cathedral City Attorney O’Connor for experienced representation and counsel. He is able to resolve tenant landlord problems efficiently. If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, dial (951) 689-9644 to contact our office.

Do you have a tenant who is late paying the rent? Mr. O’Connor is able to assist landlords in resolving such situations and ensuring compliance with all applicable eviction laws.

Skilled Landlord Rights Attorney for Cathedral City, California

We focus on providing effective legal assistance in a timely manner. When an unlawful detainer or eviction matter is resolved quickly, it is more cost-efficient for the property owner. The eviction and unlawful detainer lawyers at our Cathedral City Eviction Law firm work diligently to complete cases promptly and save client resources.

Landlords facing tenant problems are advised to consult with an experienced unlawful detainer attorney as soon as possible. This should certainly be done before completing an eviction. Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates can help landlords with multiple tenant issues. When occupants are late paying rent or have broken the lease, broken the law, or disturbed the neighbors, our Cathedral City landlord rights attorneys work to resolve the issue.

Representation for Post-Foreclosure Evictions

If you are considering the purchase of property that has been foreclosed on, it would be prudent to first discuss the matter with an eviction lawyer. Our Cathedral City eviction attorneys are skilled in handling residential and commercial evictions. There are certain legal requirements that must be met as well as deadlines that prospective property owners should consider. Please call our firm to discuss your post-foreclosure eviction.

Commercial & Residential Evictions in Cathedral City, CA

California law assigns specific responsibilities and rights to property owners who have problematic tenants. For example, a landlord in this situation is always obligated to notify the tenants before filing for eviction.

If you would like knowledgeable guidance and counsel regarding the process of eviction, please contact our Cathedral City unlawful detainer lawyers. We are able to take care of matters that are complex as well as those that are relatively simple.

When a landlord wishes to begin the eviction process, they must first identify the appropriate form.

Each form provides different options for tenants. For example, they could be asked to address violations of the lease, bring the rent current, leave the property, or fulfill another requirement. If notice has already been provided to the tenant, the Cathedral City eviction lawyers at our firm may be able to finish the eviction as soon as the same day.


Our Cathedral City landlord rights lawyers have the experience it takes to successfully counsel property owners in delinquent tenant matters. If you need assistance collecting money a tenant owes you, please call our firm. We represent landlords only, and we know how to effectively address the problem while maintaining total compliance with California law.

Landlord Creditors & Tenant Bankruptcies

If you have a delinquent tenant, call our firm to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our knowledgeable Cathedral City landlord rights lawyers. Our goal in every case is to safeguard landlord rights during tenant bankruptcy.

Reliable Cathedral City Eviction Lawyer | Consultation

Cathedral City eviction attorneys at the law firm of Barry Lee O’Connor and associates help property owners with a variety of tenant issues. Call us at (951) 689-9644 to discuss your legal concerns. We will provide a consultation with one of our eviction attorneys. Or you may instead fill out and submit an eviction case evaluation form. Our office will review your form and contact you to schedule a consultation.

If you would like effective representation from dependable landlord attorneys, please contact our office. We fight for landlord rights and handle all required documentation.

To reach our law firm when driving from Cathedral City City Hall, go east on Perez Road. Turn left at Date Palm Drive. Enter the 10 West. Merge onto the 60 West. Enter the 91 West. Exit at the Adams Street Exit. When you come to Adams, take a right. Look for our office on the right at 3691 Adams Street.

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