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Banning Eviction Lawyer Barry O’Connor possesses more than two decades’ experience representing the rights of landlords. Offering effective counsel for unlawful detainers and evictions having to do with commercial, residential, and post-foreclosure properties, our landlord law firm is ready to assist. Call Banning Eviction Lawyer Barry O’Connor for help with collections, tenant bankruptcy, and more.

Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates provide a comprehensive, no-charge initial consultation to discuss tenant landlord issues. We have the knowledge and experience in landlord tenant law that is needed to provide clients with sound representation. We help landlords achieve practical solutions for the challenges they are facing.

Please call our Banning eviction law firm today at (951) 689-9644. Banning Unlawful Detainer Lawyer O’Connor is a landlord himself and has been one for more than 35 years. His personal experience dealing with tenants and the legal issues that can arise has given him a thorough understanding of how best to protect landlord rights. If you are owed past due rent or other monies, Attorney O’Connor may be able to help you collect. Because he represents landlords only and is fully aware of the legal requirements laid upon them in evictions and related matters, Mr. O’Connor can help property owners complete an eviction while staying compliant with applicable laws.

Landlord Rights Lawyer for Banning, California

Our firm has successfully accomplished more than 70,000 eviction and unlawful detainer cases. We know matters like these need to be completed in a timely manner, and that is why we work to expedite the process whenever possible. We strive to help landlords avoid any expensive and time-consuming delays. We work to ensure compliance with eviction law and required deadlines.

Before the eviction process is started, we recommend a consultation with one of our experienced unlawful detainer attorneys. We are practiced in many
landlord tenant matters. When a tenant violates a rental contract, fails to pay rent, breaks the law while on your property, or disturbs neighbors, our Banning landlord rights attorneys may be able to help. We work to resolve matters quickly in order to save the property owner time and financial resources.

Post-Foreclosure Evictions

Are you thinking about purchasing a foreclosed property? Whether commercial or residential, an occupied property cannot be processed for eviction unless specific steps are taken. This is true whether the occupants are the former owners or other tenants. Before purchasing a foreclosed property, we recommend consulting with a qualified eviction attorney from our firm. We are able to assist you with the eviction process and protect your interests from beginning to end. Because certain deadlines apply, please be sure to contact our office soon to schedule a meeting with one of our knowledgeable Banning eviction attorneys.

Residential Evictions | Commercial Evictions

In California, the law gives certain rights and responsibilities to property owners when a tenant fails to uphold the lease contract. Although each case is unique and may vary in detail, every landlord is required to provide a factually correct notice to the tenant.

As an effective Banning unlawful detainer lawyer, Mr. O’Connor works with landlords only and focuses on preserving their rights. Banning Attorney O’Connor will guide you through each step of the process - whether an affidavit must be filed in court, or the tenant leaves the property on their own.

One of the first steps in starting an eviction is finding and filing the proper eviction forms.

Some eviction forms provide certain options to the tenant. Such options can include bringing current any past and present rent, correcting violations of the rental agreement, or vacating the property. If you have already provided proper notice to the tenant, our Banning eviction lawyers could possibly finish your unlawful detainer immediately.

Landlord Creditors & Bankruptcy Court

If a tenant has filed for bankruptcy and still owes past rent, please contact our office to consult with one of our knowledgeable Banning landlord rights attorneys. We have decades of experience dealing with tenant bankruptcies, and we know what it takes to protect landlord rights in such situations.

Collection Issues

If you are having trouble with collections, our Banning landlord rights lawyers may be able to provide needed guidance. We are often able to resolve matters while advancing the interests of the property owner. As a Banning eviction law firm that represents landlords exclusively, we know what is needed to effectively protect landlord rights and help reach legal goals regarding collection issues. As we take action to resolve collection problems, we also ensure clients remain in compliance with California law.

Consultation with a Knowledgeable Banning Eviction Lawyer

At our law office, our eviction lawyers help landlords with a variety of landlord tenant problems. If you are in need of assistance regarding an eviction or unlawful detainer matter, please do not hesitate to contact our firm and schedule an appointment. For more than 25 years, we have been helping landlords comply with the law and complete the eviction and unlawful detainer process.

Please contact us at (951) 689-9644 or use our online case evaluation page to submit your contact information and the details of your case. We will get in touch with you to set up an appointment.

When visiting our law office from the area near Banning City Hall, begin by driving west on East Ramsey Street. Go left at South 8th Street. Take the 10 West. Take the 60 West. Then take the 91 West. Get off at the Adams Street exit. At Adams, go right. We are at 3691 Adams Street on the right.


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