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The Eviction Process

Eviction Attorney and Unlawful Detainer Lawyer Barry Lee O’Connor has devoted his practice exclusively to representing landlords and also landlord creditors in Riverside County and in all of Southern California. As a Landlord Rights Attorney with over 25 years of experience, Mr. O’Connor and the eviction law firm of Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates protects clients' rights while helping landlords successfully navigate California’s stringent eviction laws and deadlines.

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Landlord Rights Attorney Representation in Riverside County

As a Riverside County Unlawful Detainer Attorney, Mr. O’Connor has a record of success which includes handling over 70,000 eviction cases for landlords. He has extensive experience in this area and resolves these matters quickly. As a knowledgeable landlord rights lawyer, Mr. O’Connor has the requisite skills to swiftly and efficiently evict tenants.

Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates provides legal representation for landlords in a wide range of landlord-tenant matters. Whether your situation concerns a tenant who has breached a rental agreement, failed to make rent payments, bothered nearby tenants, or participated in unlawful activities on the property, our Riverside County eviction law firm and Unlawful Detainer Lawyer O’Connor can resolve these issues immediately.

Post-Foreclosure Eviction

Riverside County Eviction Attorney and Landlord Rights Lawyer Barry Lee O’Connor helps landlords take possession of their foreclosed investment property. If the renter has a valid lease, the process of eviction will include mandatory notices and negotiations. We are prepared to begin the eviction process on your behalf. Contact our unlawful detainer attorney today.

Commercial Eviction & Residential Eviction

California law requires landlords to serve tenants with the appropriate notice before the unlawful detainer action is filed. Our eviction lawyers work closely with landlords of residential and commercial properties. As experienced unlawful detainer attorneys, we advise clients at every step of the process in order to ensure compliance with the law.

Landlords must file the appropriate California Eviction Form for each unique situation. These forms include:

        · 3-Day Notice Form
        · 30-Day Notice Form
        · 60-Day Notice Form
        · 90-Day Notice Form

As experienced Riverside County eviction attorneys, we can often file an unlawful detainer action immediately for clients who have already served the proper notice to a tenant.

Bankruptcy Court and the Eviction Process in California

When your tenant files for bankruptcy protection, you need a skilled Riverside County landlord rights lawyer to protect your rights. We vigorously represent our clients’ interests in bankruptcy court and related proceedings.

Collection Matters

Mr. O’Connor has extensive experience protecting landlords’ interests. As a landlord for over 30 years, he knows the issues facing landlords during tenant disputes. In collection matters, Riverside County Eviction Attorney O’Connor offers personalized legal services to help clients to obtain the best outcome possible.

Contact our Riverside County Eviction Law Firm for Results!

In California, the eviction process must be done carefully, and each action must be completed in an accurate and timely manner. These requirements are necessary for the successful eviction of a tenant. As a skilled Eviction Lawyer, Barry O’Connor helps clients throughout the entire process to ensure each action is in compliance with the law.

For more information on Beginning the Eviction Process, contact the eviction law firm of Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates. If your tenants have violated the lease, if you have a newly purchased foreclosed property which has tenants who need to be evicted, or if your tenants have declared bankruptcy and you are owed money, we are prepared to vigorously fight for your rights.

Call (951) 689-9644 and arrange for a complimentary consultation. You may also submit your information on the Eviction Law Evaluation Form, and our office will soon contact you.
Riverside County Eviction Attorney Barry O' Connor