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The Eviction Process

Rancho Mirage Eviction Attorney Barry Lee O’Connor and his associates provide counsel and representation exclusively to landlords. Helping property owners in Rancho Mirage and beyond with collections, post-foreclosure evictions, tenant bankruptcy, and commercial and residential evictions, our law office can often find the right solution for issues with problem tenants.

The Rancho Mirage eviction law firm of Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates has been assisting landlords for over two decades. We have the experience and knowledge of landlord tenant law that it takes to resolve problems efficiently. To schedule a free initial consultation, please dial (951) 689-9644.

Call Rancho Mirage Attorney O’Connor and Associates if you are dealing with a delinquent tenant who is falling behind in paying rent. Mr. O’Connor helps landlords stay in compliance with California eviction law while effectively addressing the delinquency.

Landlord Rights Attorney Serving Rancho Mirage, California

It is our priority in every case to handle eviction and
unlawful detainer matters in a timely fashion. We
understand that resolving matters quickly is an important
factor in the financial wellbeing of our clients. Our
eviction and unlawful detainer attorneys work to
complete cases as soon as possible in order to save
clients’ time and resources.

We recommend that landlords seek advice from
qualified unlawful detainer lawyers before an eviction.
Our law firm is able to help in a variety of cases.
If one of your renters has failed to pay rent or has broken
the lease, disturbed the neighbors, or broken the law
while on your property, please call our Rancho Mirage landlord rights lawyers.

Post-Foreclosure Evictions

Before purchasing a foreclosed property, it is prudent to speak with
an eviction attorney regarding any tenants that may need to be
evicted. We assist with commercial and residential evictions. To
speak with a knowledgeable Rancho Mirage eviction lawyer about
deadlines and other legal requirements that are applicable in your specific matter, please contact our office.

Commercial & Residential Evictions

The state of California affords certain rights and responsibilities to landlords dealing with problematic tenants. Landlords are always required to notify tenants prior to filing for an eviction.

Call our Rancho Mirage unlawful detainer attorney to gain experienced counsel and guidance through the eviction process. Whether your eviction matter is complex or simple and straightforward, our firm can help you reach your goal.

When starting evictions, the proper form must be used. You may need one of the forms below:

    • 60-Day Notice Form
    • 3-Day Notice Form
    • 30-Day Notice Form
    • 24-Hour Notice Form
    • 90-Day Notice Form

There are different forms for providing different options to the tenant. They may be asked to fix lease violations, vacate the property, pay all past-due rent, or take other actions. In cases where the landlord has previously provided the tenant with notice, our Rancho Mirage eviction attorneys could possibly complete the eviction immediately.

Tenant Bankruptcy and Landlord Creditors in Rancho Mirage, CA

Has a tenant become delinquent on their rent? Please contact our Rancho Mirage landlord rights lawyer for assistance. We work to protect the rights of landlords during tenant bankruptcy proceedings.


Rancho Mirage Landlord Rights Attorney O’Connor has decades of experience helping landlords collect past-due rent. Our firm only represents landlords, and we understand how to ensure successful collection efforts while staying in compliance with the law.

Knowledgeable Rancho Mirage Eviction Attorney | Free Consult

Our Rancho Mirage Eviction Lawyers work for landlords on a wide range of landlord tenant issues. To make an appointment for a complimentary consultation with Eviction Lawyer O’Connor or one of our associates, call (951) 689-9644 or fill out our eviction case evaluation form. We are ready to protect your landlord rights and complete needed evictions and unlawful detainers.

If you plan on driving from Rancho Mirage City Hall to our law firm, start by going north on the 111. Turn right at Date Palm Drive. Get on the 10 West. Then take the 60 West. Get onto the 91 West. Use the Adams Street Exit. Turn right onto Adams Street and look for our office on the right.  The address is 3691 Adams St.

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