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The Eviction Process


The Menifee unlawful detainer attorney at our law office is dedicated exclusively to defending landlord rights. We help property owners in Menifee with issues such as evictions, post-foreclosure issues, tenant bankruptcy, and many more. Call Attorney Barry O’Connor today to discuss your situation with a professional who has over two decades of experience.

Mr. O’Connor is more than a Menifee eviction attorney who knows landlord tenant law. For nearly 40 years, he has been a landlord. With his first-person experience and trustworthy legal skills, Attorney O’Connor has aided clients with upwards of 70,000 evictions. Whether your legal dispute involves a commercial eviction or residential unlawful detainer, we offer a complimentary initial consultation and effective legal guidance.

Unfortunately, some tenants choose to engage in illegal activity while on the landlord’s property. We can help with many types of situations. Our Menifee eviction lawyer can also work to resolve late rent, disturbing the peace, and other instances involving breach of the lease agreement.

California Landlord Attorney and Unlawful Detainer Lawyer

When a problem with tenants progresses to the point that legal action seems advisable, we can help you take the next step. There are stringent requirements laid out by the state regarding exactly how evictions must be done. There are certain steps that need to be completed properly and in the right order. For more information and answers to your questions on commercial and residential evictions, please call our office to speak with Menifee Attorney Barry Lee O’Connor.

Rental income can represent a substantial financial interest for most property owners. The Menifee eviction lawyer at our law firm is serious about protecting landlord rights. To start a new eviction, or discuss a related issue, we offer a no-fee, private, initial consultation.

Eviction Lawyer for Menifee, CA

One of the foremost requirements for completing a successful eviction is the need to provide prompt notice to the tenant. California law is quite specific about the degree of advance notice that is required for each type of situation. The correct eviction form must be provided to the tenant within the designated timeframe.

If you need more information regarding California eviction law, our Menifee eviction attorney can likely help. Our office will show you what the next required step is for the particular type of eviction being pursued. We can provide the proper documents and advise you regarding the notice required. This could be a 30, 90, or 3 day advance notice. If an unlawful detainer action is deemed necessary, our landlord
rights attorneys will take care of all related details so that you are able to stay focused on your normal business activities.

The Menifee eviction lawyer at our eviction law firm has decades of personal experience and professional accomplishments in landlord rights. Mr. O’Connor is well-qualified to help bring the proper legal solution to bear on the various tenant-related difficulties facing our landlord clients.

Consulting with a Reliable California Landlord Lawyer

Fo many types of landlord tenant disputes, the law is very specific about what legal remedies may be pursued and how they are to be carried out. Even one small detail that is missing or incorrect can erase days or weeks of work and require the eviction process to be started over again from the beginning. This type of situation would unfortunately give the tenant even more time in the property without paying rent or otherwise following the requirements of the lease.

To contact our Menifee eviction law firm and landlord rights lawyers, dial (951) 689-9644. As an alternative to calling, our online evaluation form can be completed and submitted. After we go over your form, we will reach out to you in order to set an appointment for a consultation.

From the area near Menifee City Hall, go southeast on Haun Road and make a left on Newport Road. Take the 215 North and the 91 West. Exit at Adams Street. Turn right. Our office is on the right side of the street at 3691 Adams Street.

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