The Chino Hills unlawful detainer lawyer from our firm has been helping property owners for more than 20 years. Eviction Attorney Barry O’Connor represents landlords exclusively. He can assist with tenant bankruptcy issues, foreclosure, evictions, and more in Chino Hills. Please contact Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates to discuss your concerns.

Mr. O’Connor is a reliable Chino Hills eviction lawyer with a thorough understanding of how the law affects landlord tenant disputes. With nearly four decades of being a landlord himself, Attorney O’Connor is able to effectively protect the rights of property owners. Our law office has assisted in completing over 70,000 tenant evictions. Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation regarding your residential eviction or commercial unlawful detainer.

At times, a tenant may engage in illegal behavior while on your property. Chino Hills Eviction Attorney Barry Lee O’Connor & Associates can help in these situations. As a skilled landlord rights lawyer, he can also help with problems relating to a tenant not paying or falling behind on rent, disturbing the peace of the neighborhood, and other breaches of the lease contract.

California Landlord Attorney & Unlawful Detainer Attorney

If a problem arises with a tenant that makes legal counsel seem advisable, our firm is ready to assist. The state lays out stringent standards for implementing an eviction. Every requirement must be met exactly as directed. To find out more about the process and receive answers to questions, call Chino Hills Attorney Barry O’Connor

We understand that for most landlords, rental income represents a sizeable percentage of total revenue. For this reason, our Chino Hills eviction attorney aggressively defends landlord rights and income. If you need to begin a new eviction, contact our office to arrange for a private consultation.

Eviction Attorney for Chino Hills, CA

It is imperative that adequate notice be provided to the tenant being evicted. California law has specific requirements for eviction notices depending on the circumstances of the case. The law directs that certain eviction forms be completed and delivered to the tenant within the proper time limit.

To find experienced advice and guidance regarding the applicable eviction laws, call our Chino Hills eviction lawyer. Mr. O’Connor will identify the next step needed in your eviction process. He will provide the correct documents and make sure you understand the advance-notice requirements for a 30-day, 90-day, or 3-day advance notice eviction. If you need to evict a tenant, our firm can take care of it for you so you can remain focused on other necessary business.

With his many years of experience as an eviction lawyer and landlord, Mr. O’Connor is well qualified to resolve the various legal issues that can arise between a landlord and tenant.

Consultation with an Experienced California Landlord Lawyer

The law strictly defines the manner in which an eviction is to be carried out. Any deviation from the requirements can render weeks of work useless and necessitate starting the process all over again. When this happens, the tenant is granted more time at the property without paying rent or otherwise complying with the lease.

To discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable landlord rights attorney, call our Chino Hills eviction law firm. Our office number is (951) 689-9644. If you wish to use our contact form, we will review the information and get in contact with you to make
an appointment for a consultation.

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